About us

What is PixRing?

PixRing is your on demand content service platform that serves its clients with quality retro movies, public domain ebooks, music and freeware softwares. PixRing is one of the largest, most vibrant public domain content marketplace, providing filmmakers, creators, and producers of all kinds with the content, inspiration, and tools they need to improve their projects, as well as many of us who simply crave for low-cost entertainment!

Who are we?

We love retro movies, music and books of the highest standard at a cheap prize – and we want you to enjoy the same too! When we are not busy working on the platform or increasing its content, we love enjoying PixRing public domain movies, music and books ourselves! The PixRing team is driven by a commitment to enhancing its passionate and growing selection of visual and audio public domain content, providing a user-friendly platform where it’s easy and convenient for you. We aim to make PixRing like your wedding ring, which goes everywhere with you everyday!

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